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Get Daily Numbers Have the same entry and exit numbers that we use and why! Get Custom Charts The same charts our pros do for our proprietary trading systems! 4X Institute Great training online. Learn at your own pace. From beginner to expert.
Training Webinars Three live lessons per week on topics you need to know. Foundations in Forex Special webinars for beginner foundations you’ll need to excel! Community Forums Ask questions, meet members, find a trading partner!
Quick Start This plan is designed to take you through a basic Forex education. They can be consecutive, every other day, or a few days per week, whatever time you can dedicate. Forex Jump Start Weekend Live Forex seminars designed to give you the advanced training you need to become a successful trader. Meet the staff and chat with other members. This is a great way to advance your knowledge and have a fun weekend.

Watch Live Trading  Sessions with us!

Watch Live Trading with us, see what we see. Watch our systems run live while we call out trades. Join us during our Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night London live trading webinars Tuesday and Wednesday mornings for the New York open! and the really good Red Reports on some Friday Mornings. Experience Forex trading as if you were looking over the shoulders of our trainers.

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Access to our online training systems.
Access to all of our online live training sessions
Look over our shoulder in our online live trading sessions
Community Forum
Our Custom Chart setups
Our Daily Numbers
Support for setup of your system

This Package Includes

A One Year Membership a value of   $3997
The Quick Start Guide a value of   $ 899
Live Financial Mastery Jump Start Weekend a value of   $2497
  Total Value   $7393
  Yours for   $5997
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